Founded by former Watergate prosecutor Terry F. Lenzner in 1984, IGI is a preeminent risk advisory and corporate investigations firm with core specialties in internal investigations, regulatory and competitive intelligence, due diligence, executive background investigations, and litigation support. By combining seasoned attorneys with sophisticated analysts, investigators, accountants and public relations specialists, we provide our...


  • Internal Corporate Investigations

    Internal corporate investigations comprise a core IGI practice area. IGI has nearly 30 years of institutional experience conducting and assisting in such investigations. IGI typically is retained in these cases by, and works at the direction of and in close consultation


  • Due Diligence

    Investigative Group International, Inc. (“IGI”), founded by former Watergate prosecutor Terry F. Lenzner in 1984, is a preeminent investigative firm with core specialties in due diligence, internal investigations and competitive and business intelligence. We have


  • Executive Background Investigations

    IGI’s gold standard due diligence practice provides clients with timely, critical information when they are contemplating new financial or business relationships with entities and individuals.  Applying the utmost discretion, we conduct a variety of domestic and international


  • Competitive Intelligence

    IGI has developed extensive experience and expertise in helping corporate and individual clients to maintain and gain a competitive advantage in business, litigation, commercial and regulatory disputes, contests for corporate control, crisis communications and other


  • Civil Litigation and Arbitration Support

    IGI works closely with inside and outside counsel to provide litigation support throughout all stages of a lawsuit or an arbitration: before a complaint is filed, during discovery and trial, in advance of settlement and on appeal. While our fundamental goal is always


  • Political Research and Investigations

    IGI has been helping political candidates, committees and organizations win for more than 30 years. A pioneering practitioner of opposition and self-research, we have worked for a sitting U.S. President, candidates for the presidency, members of the U.S. Senate and House


  • Self-Vetting

    For 30 years IGI has vetted political candidates, individuals for Ivy League universities, hedge funds, private equity firms, and Fortune 100 companies. We also provide self-vetting to individuals seeking appointment to positions in the federal and state governments.


  • Anti-Corruption Due Diligence & Investigations

    For nearly 30 years, IGI has handled discreet fact-finding investigations in a variety of industries and countries throughout the world. IGI has experience investigating allegations of FCPA violations and providing compliance services and guidance to domestic and foreign


  • Contests for Corporate Control

    IGI helps clients prevail in contests for corporate control by gathering and analyzing in-depth information about opposing parties that may be helpful to companies and their shareholders in evaluating the competence, integrity and reputations of adversaries and their


  • Financial Integrity and Compliance Services

    IGI provides investigative support and best practices advice to support clients’ compliance with existing and emerging governance, transparency, anti-corruption and reporting and disclosure regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Foreign Corrupt


  • Intellectual Property and Anti-Piracy

    IGI has conducted numerous investigations regarding intellectual property issues, including of counterfeiting, piracy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent infringement, as well as contraband smuggling and so-called ‘gray market’ product diversion.


  • Market Manipulation Investigations

    IGI has extensive experience and expertise in investigating improper conduct by short-sellers, including “naked shorting,” and market manipulation through the dissemination of false or misleading negative rumors about targeted companies.  Such “short and distort” 



Competitive Intelligence

A group of franchised retailers opposed legislative measures that would allow a manufacturer of competing products to bypass existing consumer protection laws. In less than one week our firm assisted in identifying, analyzing, and describing the potential negative impact of the proposed legislation, including by researching a wide array o...

Executive Background Investigations

For a private equity investor in energy technology companies, we conduct due diligence on major portfolio additions and their executives. Our investigations are integrated into their purchase investigation process, with the knowledge and authorization of the subjects. For a private equity investor and its outside counsel, IGI investi...

Due Diligence

The real estate investment arm of a global financial services company routinely retains IGI and The Lenzner Firm to conduct due diligence on individuals and entities involved in potential developments. In these matters, we have identified leveraging information the client used during deal negotiations and flagged issues that may deter o...

Crisis Management

A federal prosecutor turned to our firm when a news organization published false allegations about him that had surfaced in a book authored by a former defendant. With experience and relationships in the media and certain legal communities, we quickly moved to prevent the story from spreading and to refute the author's allegations. We pers...

White Collar Matters

IGI’s client, a medical device manufacturer, and its CEO were indicted in federal court on felony criminal charges, over allegations that their sales reps promoted “off-label” use of its FDA-approved treatment kit. After trial, the company and its CEO were exonerated when the jury acquitted on all counts. Working for at...

Civil Litigation and Arbitration Support

We were retained by the attorneys for a media company accused of publishing false allegations regarding a high-profile individual. We conducted extensive public records research, including of state and county level agencies and litigation indices of courts throughout the country, to develop additional information to corroborate the alleg...

Internal Corporate Investigations

A prominent international organization retained our attorneys and investigators to conduct an internal investigation after learning that confidential documents and information had been misappropriated and leaked. Our scope of work included determining the extent and circumstances of the breach and conducting a security audit to a...

Anti-Corruption Due Diligence & Investigations

On behalf of a firm in the construction industry, IGI has conducted multiple FCPA-focused due diligence investigations on potential joint venture partners, clients and vendors located overseas.  In these matters, we supplemented online and on-site public records and database research with in-country interviews and human intelligence ga...

Political Research

A committee supporting a mayoral candidate retained IGI to conduct oppositional research just weeks prior to the election. Our team uncovered evidence suggesting that the opposition candidate used his de facto position on the city’s pension board to steer funds to a particular investment advisory firm. IGI’s research also found that ...

Contests for Corporate Control

IGI provided information and analysis to assist its client, a publicly traded company in the healthcare industry, to fend off a hostile takeover attempt that threatened to derail its planned merger with another public company. IGI developed information showing that the unsolicited offer, although higher, was highly conditional and would bur...

Financial Integrity and Compliance Services

A U.S. financial services company with global operations retained IGI to provide investigative due diligence and consulting on internal controls in order to conform to Bank Secrecy Act and USA Patriot Act compliance requirements. IGI performed extended due diligence on a large book of foreign correspondent banking relationships the client was...

Intellectual Property and Anti-Piracy

A computer printer manufacturer whose U.S. market was flooded by counterfeit printer cartridges retained IGI to help it reassert control over its distribution and sales channels. IGI identified factories in China churning out the counterfeit cartridges, and traced their distribution through a network of middlemen in Tokyo, Singapore and Mex...

Market Manipulation Investigations

A plaintiffs’ law firm filed a purported class action against IGI’s client, a computer component maker whose share price had dropped. Working closely with outside counsel, IGI developed information demonstrating that the lead plaintiff, a hedge fund, had massively shorted the defendant company – information improperly withheld from...

The Business of Sports

IGI was retained by a law firm representing the NFL to conduct detailed background due diligence on a leading prospective owner, a high net-worth individual, of a professional football team. Our assignment included uncovering red flags and potential liabilities related to the candidate’s personal and professional reputation, financial p...
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