Case Studies

Competitive Intelligence

  • A group of franchised retailers opposed legislative measures that would allow a manufacturer of competing products to bypass existing consumer protection laws. In less than one week our firm assisted in identifying, analyzing, and describing the potential negative impact of the proposed legislation, including by researching a wide array of databases, social media, trade press, and public records maintained by government agencies and industry regulators. The clients incorporated our findings and analysis into their testimony before legislators, and the proposed legislation was defeated.
  • On behalf of a corporate client with multi-billion dollar annual revenues, IGI uncovered evidence that an adversary in litigation had orchestrated unethical efforts to influence an elected official. IGI researchers and investigators searched a wide array of public records, and through sophisticated analysis detected possible patterns of misconduct by seemingly unrelated parties that led to IGI’s uncovering this scheme. IGI personnel, including former law enforcement and communications specialists, assisted in the design and implementation of the client’s legal and public relations strategies that were derived from the results of the investigation.
  • IGI conducted corporate intelligence-collection and analysis to inform a public interest client’s campaign to influence how major companies in the food products industry responded to a specific public health concern. IGI analyzed leading industry players, addressing the potential economic impact of changes to production practices, and how the companies handle conflict and potentially adversarial situations on labor, environmental, regulatory, trademark, and competitor issues. We also analyzed corporate structures and key decision-makers of the public, privately-held and foreign target entities.
  • A company in the medical field retained The Lenzner Firm and IGI when it was facing resistance from the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) to getting approval for its primary product. Our team of attorneys and investigators uncovered information illustrating how certain FDA personnel were improperly hindering our client’s pending application. The results of our investigation helped the client’s application receive a favorable decision by the FDA. According to the client-company:
    • “IGI helped us identify and overcome key obstacles during our FDA approval process, and I would highly recommend their services to any company seeking regulatory clearance in a highly competitive, politicized environment. Their exceptional skill set, high integrity and deep knowledge of how Washington DC operates makes them an indispensable partner – whether you are a start up or a multinational.” — Executive with the client-medical device manufacturer
  • IGI conducted a multi-year investigation of a leading plaintiffs’ law firm on behalf of several corporate clients sued by the law firm in class actions. IGI developed extensive evidence against the law firm and its partners relating to the firm’s alleged payment of kickbacks and use of use of paid plaintiffs, its ties to short-selling hedge funds, its alleged misrepresentations to courts, and its control and financial support of a non-profit entity that hosted conferences at luxury resorts to which it invited judges and federal regulators. IGI provided the information to federal prosecutors who brought criminal charges against the firm and its name partners.
  • IGI was retained by counsel to the estate of an iconic rock star to assist it in litigation against former managers who had misappropriated royalty monies and other assets over a 25-year period. The litigation related to the managers’ business activities in the U.S., Europe and in overseas tax havens. Employing staff and resources on three continents, IGI’s investigation helped lead to the recovery of stolen assets and supported successful litigation for restoration of music rights and royalty income streams to the late artist’s surviving family members.
  • IGI’s client filed what was to become a landmark antitrust lawsuit against a competitor that held more than five times our client’s market share for a consumer product that both companies sold in grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Our client’s complaint accused the defendant of monopolizing the product market by engaging in exclusionary, restrictive and anticompetitive conduct, including through abuse of its category manager position with the retailers. IGI surveillance teams operating around the country captured covert video of the defendant’s delivery drivers in the act of discarding, damaging and destroying our client’s products, product display racks and in-store point-of-sale advertising. IGI also identified witnesses who testified at trial, including store owners that witnessed the acts, and former drivers who admitted to the acts caught on tape and acknowledged acting under orders from company management. On this and other evidence, the jury returned a verdict, fully upheld on appeal, of one of the largest affirmed antitrust judgments ever won. Evidence collected by IGI was credited by the client, and cited in judicial opinions, as having supported the jury’s verdict.
  • A Fortune 500 company retained IGI to collect intelligence on a foreign competitor’s product, which was in the midst of a secretive design process and was to be manufactured in a new plant in the United States. The competitor had announced that its new product would aim to take market share from our client’s flagship product. IGI conducted a multi-pronged, months-long investigation to compile qualitative and quantitative information about the product and the factory at which it was to be built.  Through discreet interviews of industry insiders, IGI learned details of the competing product’s design and specifications before a prototype was unveiled.  By obtaining and reviewing publicly filed zoning document and permits, and interviewing individuals with access to the construction site, IGI was able to glean details relating to the plant’s costs, capacity and efficiency.  The information assisted our client to proactively meet the competitive challenge on strategic planning, marketing and public relations fronts.
  • A regional Bell operating company hired IGI to gather information in connection with a lawsuit filed by a competing local exchange carrier, which alleged that our client denied access to, and interconnection with, essential facilities. This allegedly contributed to customer defections and revenue shortfalls that led the competing telecom’s stock to plummet. Through interviews of former employees from all levels of the plaintiff company, IGI elicited information, signed affidavits and documentation improperly withheld from discovery demonstrating that it was not our client’s actions that caused the company’s financial woes, which were instead attributable to myriad internal problems and an inept and inexperienced executive team.  The information obtained by IGI was integral to our client’s successful settlement of the suit.
  • Our clients, officials of a foreign state-owned oil company, were accused in press reports in a major U.S. newspaper of accepting millions of dollars of bribes and kickbacks from purported agents and intermediaries outside the company. IGI performed an internal investigation in the foreign country, located and interviewed the purported agents and intermediaries in the foreign country and in the United States, and gathered documentary evidence including sworn witness affidavits that conclusively refuted the allegations and proved that the U.S. press reports were riddled with errors. Furthermore, IGI traced the false accusations back to a propaganda campaign by political opponents of the president of the foreign country who were working in tandem with political exiles living in the United States.
  • A major pharmaceutical company received suspicious phone calls making inquiries about the status of regulatory approval of one of its drugs. Working with the company’s attorney, IGI’s investigation identified the source of the calls, confirmed that the caller was using a false identity and a false pretext for making the inquiries, and linked the caller to a competitive intelligence firm. Legal action against that firm ultimately led to identification of its customer, a competitor of our client, and a negotiated settlement.