Case Studies

Crisis Management

  • A federal prosecutor turned to our firm when a news organization published false allegations about him that had surfaced in a book authored by a former defendant. With experience and relationships in the media and certain legal communities, we quickly moved to prevent the story from spreading and to refute the author’s allegations. We persuaded the prosecutor’s former office (where he served at the time of the alleged misconduct) to issue a statement in support of their former employee, and we communicated with reporters from different news organizations on his behalf. As a result of our efforts, there was no second day media coverage of the allegations, and the newspaper that originally printed the false allegations followed the next day with a story challenging the book author’s credibility and allegations. Moreover, when the book publisher subsequently issued a letter of apology to the prosecutor, it specifically cited the results of our work, including the second day news coverage and the statement of support from the DA’s Office.
  • We were retained by a high net worth family upon discovery that unknown parties had perpetrated a scheme to impersonate via the internet a prominent member of their family. Using a fake web domain and email addresses to further the impersonation, the perpetrators convinced American business executives to disclose proprietary information by stating that our client intended to invest in their companies. Retained to identify and stop the perpetrators, The Lenzner Firm worked with IGI and our partner cyber risk management firm to quickly assess the scope of damage and locate the impersonator. We also filed an action with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) to seize and shut down the fake domain, communicated with the contacted executives to gather evidence and exonerate our client, and developed evidence on the perpetrators that we provided to law enforcement.
    Since the conclusion of the engagement described above, this family has continued to turn to our team for a variety of issues, including to conduct a legal investigation into the professional and personal conduct of the chief executive of one of the family’s portfolio companies; and to conduct background vetting of potential employees.
  • A media company retained The Lenzner Firm and IGI when one of their journalists received numerous threatening communications from multiple persons. Through a combination of cyber and investigative research techniques, we determined that a former subject of a news story was likely responsible for all of the threatening emails. We quickly identified the location of the subject, developed a comprehensive public records and social media profile of him, and briefed the appropriate law enforcement agencies, with whom we served as a liaison on behalf of the client. We also prepared a legal strategy, including drafting a cease and desist letter and a preparing an application for a judicial “stay away” order.
  • A prominent international organization retained our attorneys and investigators to conduct an internal investigation after learning that confidential documents and information had been misappropriated and leaked to journalists. Our scope of work included determining the extent and circumstances of the breach and conducting a security audit to assist the client in improving its document and IT management systems. In the course of our investigation, we captured and searched terabytes of data from the entity’s file and exchange servers, analyzed financial records and materials published by individuals believed to have received misappropriated documents, and interviewed witnesses.
    The investigation and audit were supervised by our attorneys, who ensured compliance with legal and client-driven privacy considerations and provided legal counsel to the client through privileged communications and work product while ensuring that privilege was maintained over applicable portions of the investigation. Our deliverables included a comprehensive report and presentation of our findings and recommendations to the organization’s board, which included a factual narrative detailing how certain individuals misappropriated and leaked proprietary documents and information. During the course of the engagement, we provided the client with written legal opinions on specific issues and coordinated with the client’s director of media relations to minimize negative coverage.
  • The chief executive of a prominent national organization retained The Lenzner Firm and IGI when it was discovered that a party was contemplating false criminal allegations against him. Upon being retained, we quickly provided an analysis of the potential and likely legal (criminal and civil) and reputational risks related to these allegations and then gathered the relevant facts and prepared a legal defense, crafted a briefing for local law enforcement, compiled a comprehensive profile of the adverse party, and drafted potential statements for the media. At the appropriate time we quietly made contact with local law enforcement to proactively rebut and undermine the potential allegations.