Case Studies

Civil Litigation and Arbitration Support

  • We were retained by the attorneys for a media company accused of publishing false allegations regarding a high-profile individual. We conducted extensive public records research, including of state and county level agencies and litigation indices of courts throughout the country, to develop additional information to corroborate the allegations. Our researchers also developed a comprehensive profile of a source for the original story whose credibility had been called into question. In our research phase, we identified individuals relevant to the allegations who we interviewed with the client’s authorization.
  • We were retained by an owner of a professional sports team to assist in litigation related to the construction of a stadium. Following the trial, at our client’s direction we identified, located and interviewed jurors. These interviews revealed valuable information, including how during the trial an individual associated with the client’s adversary improperly approached a juror in the stairwell of the courthouse.
  • IGI assisted a concert promoter who was a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the estate of a high-profile musician, seeking tens of billions of dollars in damages. In support of our client’s lawyers preparing for trial, IGI investigators uncovered and reviewed voluminous records, identified and interviewed witnesses, prepared in-depth profiles of dozens of fact and expert witnesses expected to be called by the plaintiffs, and discovered, developed and documented exculpatory facts and issues to be presented to the jury. Our investigative work contributed to our client’s victory at trial, where the jury found the client not liable for the musician’s death.
  • IGI assisted a client in litigation against the U.S. government for environmental contamination of the client’s property near a biological weapon testing facility. IGI’s investigation included research on the government’s efforts over many years to identify the contamination’s cause and to limit and remediate the damage. Building on public source research, IGI identified and interviewed individuals with relevant knowledge, including people who lived near the contaminating facility and witnessed improper disposal activities, former government officials involved in the management of the contamination issues, and others who had previously investigated the government’s activities in connection with their separate damage issues resulting from the contamination. The results of this investigative work supported the client’s pretrial litigation and helped inform strategic case decisions.
  • A computer printer manufacturer whose U.S. market was flooded by counterfeit printer cartridges retained IGI to help it reassert control over its distribution and sales channels. IGI identified factories in China churning out the counterfeit cartridges, and traced their distribution through a network of middlemen in Tokyo, Singapore and Mexico. IGI undercover operatives, posing as wholesale buyers and working through multiple foreign and domestic front companies set up for the purpose, communicated and met with the sellers in Asia to negotiate and make import purchases in six-figure dollar amounts. IGI then worked with the U.S. Customs Service to interdict and impound the counterfeit goods upon their arrival at U.S. ports and, at the client’s behest, briefed federal law enforcement authorities and provided them evidence and documentation collected in the course of our investigation.
  • IGI’s client filed what was to become a landmark antitrust lawsuit against a competitor that held more than five times our client’s market share for a consumer product that both companies sold in grocery and convenience stores nationwide. The complaint accused the defendant of monopolizing the product market by engaging in exclusionary, restrictive and anticompetitive conduct, including through abuse of its category manager position with the retailers. IGI surveillance teams operating around the country captured covert video of the defendant’s delivery drivers in the act of discarding, damaging and destroying our client’s products, product display racks and in-store point-of-sale advertising. IGI also identified witnesses who testified at trial, including former drivers who admitted to the acts caught on tape and acknowledged acting under orders from company management. On this and other evidence, the jury returned a verdict, fully upheld on appeal, of one of the largest affirmed antitrust judgments ever won. Evidence collected by IGI was credited by the client, and cited in judicial opinions, as having supported the jury’s verdict.
  • IGI was retained by counsel to the estate of an iconic rock star to assist it in litigation against former managers who had misappropriated royalty monies and other assets over a 25-year period. The litigation related to the managers’ business activities in the U.S., Europe and in overseas tax havens. Employing staff and resources on three continents, IGI’s investigation helped lead to the recovery of stolen assets and supported successful litigation for restoration of music rights and royalty income streams to the late artist’s surviving family members.
  • A regional Bell operating company hired IGI to gather information in connection with a lawsuit filed by a competing local exchange carrier, which alleged that our client denied access to, and interconnection with, essential facilities. This allegedly contributed to customer defections and revenue shortfalls that led the competing telecom’s stock to plummet. Through interviews of former employees from all levels of the plaintiff company, IGI elicited information, signed affidavits and documentation improperly withheld from discovery demonstrating that it was not our client’s actions that caused the company’s financial woes, which were instead attributable to myriad internal problems and an inept and inexperienced executive team. The information obtained by IGI was integral to our client’s successful settlement of the suit.
  • Various websites were selling our client’s product, in violation of licensing agreements and trademark laws. IGI was engaged and conducted a multi-year investigation, developing undercover buyers across the country to order the product from the various websites. We were also instrumental in identifying new violating websites. IGI developed a strict chain of custody protocol and processed all shipments according to the protocol. In the course of the investigation, IGI learned that many of websites were also selling counterfeits of our client’s product, information that was turned over to federal authorities. The information developed by IGI resulted in the shuttering of hundreds of offending websites. We also conducted an investigation of the individuals behind many of the websites, leading to the filing of multiple lawsuits against the perpetrators.