Case Studies

Litigation and Crisis Public Relations


  • A federal prosecutor turned to our firm when a news organization published false allegations about him that had surfaced in a book authored by a former defendant. With experience and relationships in the media and legal communities, IGI quickly moved to prevent the story from spreading and to refute the author’s allegations. We persuaded the prosecutor’s former office (where he served at the time of the alleged misconduct) to issue a statement in support of their former employee, and we communicated with reporters from different news organizations on his behalf. As a result of our efforts, there was no second day media coverage of the allegations, and the newspaper that originally printed the false allegations followed the next day with a story challenging the book author’s credibility and allegations. Moreover, when the book publisher subsequently issued a letter of apology to our client, it specifically cited the results of our work, including the second day news coverage and the statement of support from the DA’s Office.
  • Following an investigation that we led into allegations of misconduct by a law firm adverse to our corporate client, we worked with the client’s public relations team to design and execute a media strategy that led to impactful coverage on television, radio and print news outlets detailing misconduct by the adverse law firm. Our investigation included extensive public records and commercial database research, FOIA and open records requests to state and federal agencies, and discreet, ethical interviews of witnesses. Armed with the facts that we uncovered, our team – including personnel with with earned media and communications expertise – worked with national media outlets to place news stories detailing an unlawful conduit campaign contribution scheme orchestrated by the adverse law firm.
  • Working in conjunction with The Lenzner Firm, IGI provided investigative and public relations support to a government official under investigation by the office of inspector general of a federal agency. Through public records research and open records requests, we uncovered evidence to support our client’s narrative and refute the allegations that led to a two-year investigation. Armed with the results of our in-depth investigation, we handled proactive and reactive media relations for the client in the final stages of the investigation. When the OIG released a report exonerating our client, we crafted and executed a media plan that resulted in positive news stories for our client and improved the client’s online reputation.

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