Case Studies

Political Research

  • A committee supporting a mayoral candidate retained IGI to conduct oppositional research just weeks prior to the election. Our team uncovered evidence suggesting that the opposition candidate used his de facto position on the city’s pension board to steer funds to a particular investment advisory firm. IGI’s research also found that just days after leaving public office, the opposition candidate joined the same investment advisory firm.
  • A state senator hired IGI to research the client’s general election opponent, who was a lawyer with a business background. Our team of researchers, lawyers and investigators dissected and analyzed the opponent’s professional history, including his legal career. Among other areas, we uncovered a previously undisclosed decision from a state bar authority reprimanding our client’s opponent for attempting to extort another lawyer and engaging in unscrupulous advertising practices. Our research also revealed questionable business practices by the opponent, who lost to our client.
  • A political action committee engaged IGI to conduct comprehensive research on 12 candidates in just three weeks. Our approach to political research includes scrutinizing complex financial, business and legal areas of a candidate’s history that are often overlooked or misunderstood by campaigns. IGI’s full-time staff of investigators and researchers with backgrounds in accounting, law enforcement, business, intelligence, political campaigns, the law, and communications successfully assembled comprehensive reports on each candidate within the client’s deadline. We subsequently assisted the client in assuring accuracy and sourcing of statements to be included in their political advertisements.
  • A state political party engaged IGI to train their campaign staff in the fundamentals of opposition research. IGI conducted a two-day seminar covering a variety of subjects including: researching public records efficiently and comprehensively; strategies for conducting interviews; using financial reporting in the context of a political campaign; and tips on effectively and discreetly incorporating the results of research into an earned media strategy. Our team of seasoned investigators, researchers and lawyers also trained the client’s personnel on research tools approaches for understanding a candidate’s professional, financial, regulatory and legal histories.
  •  A gubernatorial candidate’s advisors hired IGI to investigate an opponent’s relationship with his campaign donors. IGI uncovered evidence that the opposition candidate had accepted significant financial support from real estate developers linked to individuals convicted in an extortion and pay-to-play scandal. IGI assisted in gathering, organizing and communicating evidence of these links to the press.
  • An incumbent state attorney general retained IGI to conduct self-due-diligence in anticipation of running for higher statewide office. Our team provided a comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s personal, professional and political vulnerabilities. Our team, including former prosecutors and experienced political researchers, successfully analyzed the client’s record as a private attorney and attorney general for potential liabilities derived from a variety of sources, including litigation filings and settlement agreements.