Case Studies

White Collar Matters

  • IGI’s client, a medical device manufacturer, and its CEO were indicted in federal court on felony criminal charges, over allegations that their sales reps promoted “off-label” use of its FDA-approved treatment kit. After trial, the company and its CEO were exonerated when the jury acquitted on all counts.

    Working for attorneys representing the company, IGI’s investigators developed in-depth background profiles of more than 20 government fact and expert witnesses, often on short notice. IGI’s investigations uncovered information that impeached the credibility of certain key government witnesses or otherwise undermined their suitability as witnesses, such as undisclosed criminal convictions, misrepresentations and omissions on résumés, controversial or embarrassing social media postings, and false or self-incriminating statements or representations made in other cases and records.

    The client’s counsel credited IGI’s reporting for having contributed to their success at trial by informing their strategic decision-making and their cross-examination of witnesses.

  • A law firm representing a foreign national in the energy sector that was indicted on federal conspiracy and extortion charges retained IGI to vet the government’s main cooperating witness as well as other potential prosecution and defense witnesses. IGI provided detailed background research reports on numerous witnesses, collected and documented impeachment material, and located and interviewed witnesses on multiple continents. IGI was also asked to preserve evidence for trial, including web based material. Our work product helped the client gain leverage during plea negotiations, which resulted in a favorable disposition for our client.
  • IGI has worked extensively on cases arising from alleged military contracting fraud in the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including months of work on-the-ground in the Middle East. We have conducted internal investigations into allegations raised by whistleblowers and in other cases have obtained exculpatory evidence in client companies’ criminal defense. In certain criminal defense cases we have developed evidence impugning the credibility of government witnesses, including by demonstrating that witnesses and whistleblowers accusing our client are themselves involved in criminal conduct. We also have assisted military contractors in competitive bids for large contracts by obtaining potentially disqualifying information about rival bidders.
  • The Lenzner Firm and IGI were retained to represent a city public official in relation to state and federal investigations into, among other areas, the official’s relationship with a city contractor.  Led by a former federal prosecutor with experience investigating public corruption, our team collected and analyzed documents and communications, located and interviewed witnesses, and researched relevant criminal statutes and municipal regulations. Our legal analysis of the facts gathered in our investigation helped shape the client’s legal and public relations strategy.  Ultimately, the client was not charged with any wrongdoing and still remains in elected office.
  • IGI lawyers and investigators assisted the defense team of an individual charged in federal court with orchestrating illegal campaign contributions.  Our personnel conducted extensive fact and legal research to support the client’s pre-trial litigation strategy.  Under a short deadline, our team exhaustively researched a variety of databases and public indices of federal and state criminal cases and statutes as well as cases and matters under review by the Federal Election Commission. Our attorneys and researchers worked together to identify prior FEC and law enforcement investigations relevant to our client’s pretrial strategy.
  • Officials of a foreign state-owned company were accused of accepting millions of dollars of bribes and kickbacks from purported agents and intermediaries outside the company. IGI performed an internal investigation in the foreign country, located and interviewed the purported agents and intermediaries in the foreign country and in the United States, and gathered evidence including sworn witness affidavits that conclusively refuted the allegations. Furthermore, IGI obtained evidence that traced the false accusations back to a propaganda campaign by political opponents of the head of the foreign government.
  • IGI assisted a major law firm in an internal investigation of a high-profile management scandal at a Fortune 500 corporation. Our work included performing searches for assets of executives suspected of abusing the company’s relocation benefits program, forensically capturing and searching electronic messages and files on their company-owned computers, and assisting in providing subpoenaed documents to prosecutors.
  • IGI’s client was indicted in federal district court for his alleged role in a conspiracy to commit bank fraud orchestrated by principals of a loan brokerage company. Our client owned a title company that was involved in some of the fraudulent loans. IGI was retained to analyze documents related to the loans and to interview witnesses in anticipation of trial. Working with his defense team, IGI investigators reviewed a large quantity of loan documents, helped prepare for witness interviews and to give expert testimony. The case ended favorably for our client with the government’s lenient offer of a deferred prosecution agreement.
  • On behalf of a firm in the construction industry, IGI has conducted multiple FCPA-focused due diligence investigations on potential joint venture partners, clients and vendors located overseas.  In these matters, we supplemented online and on-site public records and database research with in-country interviews and human intelligence gathering to provide best-practices FCPA compliance and business due diligence processes to search for “red flags” from regulatory and reputational and legal standpoints.  In one such matter, IGI uncovered evidence of a financial relationship between the subject foreign entity and a close relative of a high level government official in the country of the client’s project. Our work for this client has included due diligence investigations of entities located in Eastern Europe, Central America, and the United Kingdom.
  • On behalf of several corporate clients subject to patterns of aggressive litigation, IGI has successfully uncovered evidence of illegal or unethical conduct by unscrupulous plaintiff lawyers.  For example, IGI developed evidence against a law firm and its partners relating to the firm’s payment of kickbacks and the use of paid plaintiffs, its ties to short-selling hedge funds, its alleged misrepresentations to courts, and its control of a non-profit that hosted luxury events attended by judges and regulators.  On another matter, IGI/The Lenzner Firm uncovered evidence that a firm and partners attempted to influence a judge through a series of unreported and suspicious financial transactions.  In both matters, former federal prosecutors with IGI/The Lenzner firm communicated directly with federal law enforcement agents, to whom IGI presented the results of investigation.
  • A major pharmaceutical company received suspicious phone calls making inquiries about the status of regulatory approval of one of its drugs. Working with the company’s attorney, IGI identified the source of the calls, confirmed that the caller was using a false identity and a false pretext for making the inquiries, and linked the caller to a competitive intelligence firm. Legal action against that firm ultimately led to identification of its customer, a competitor of our client, and a negotiated settlement.
  • For a casualty insurer’s attorney, IGI investigated a business making a fire insurance claim that included suspiciously large inventory losses. In addition to extensive research on the backgrounds of the business and its principals, the investigation included on-the-ground work in Latin America to gather public record information and human intelligence on purported suppliers of the claimed inventory and the nature of links between the suppliers and the principals of the claimant.
  • A Dubai-based commercial bank turned to an IGI team to conduct an internal probe after the bank’s risk managers received reports from scores of customers complaining of unauthorized ATM withdrawals from their accounts. IGI debriefed the bank’s risk managers, interviewed bank employees and customers, viewed bank surveillance tapes and reviewed ATM transaction records. We collected evidence and secured the confession of a senior bank manager to uncover and identify the perpetrators of a sophisticated international identify theft, ATM card counterfeiting and money laundering ring that spanned Europe, the Middle East and southwest Asia.
  • A U.S. financial services company with global operations retained IGI to provide investigative due diligence and consulting on internal controls in order to conform to Bank Secrecy Act and USA Patriot Act compliance requirements. IGI performed extended due diligence on a large book of foreign correspondent banking relationships the client was acquiring from another bank; our due diligence examined 220 banks in 35 foreign countries. Concurrently, we created on behalf of the client a proprietary suspicious financial transaction monitoring system to identify and flag potential money-laundering, tax evasion and terrorism financing-related transactions, which resulted in the discovery of billions of dollars in suspect transactions. On behalf of the client, IGI drafted Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and facilitated reporting to the relevant U.S. government agencies.
  • A major commercial real estate company received an anonymous tip alleging improper payments to contractors. IGI assisted the company by discreetly identifying and securing the cooperation of the tipster, then gathering information from him through interviews and analysis of documents and information he provided. We managed the ensuing internal investigation, including forensic accounting analysis to develop leads provided by the tipster, interviewing the employee involved in the suspected fraud and referring the matter to law enforcement.
  • A computer printer manufacturer whose U.S. market was flooded by counterfeit printer cartridges retained IGI to help it reassert control over its distribution and sales channels. IGI identified factories in China churning out the counterfeit cartridges, and traced their distribution through a network of middlemen in Tokyo, Singapore and Mexico. IGI undercover operatives, posing as wholesale buyers and working through multiple foreign and domestic front companies set up for the purpose, communicated and met with the sellers in Asia to negotiate and make import purchases in six-figure dollar amounts. IGI then worked with the U.S. Customs Service to interdict and impound the counterfeit goods upon their arrival at U.S. ports and, at the client’s behest, briefed federal law enforcement authorities and provided them evidence and documentation collected in the course of our investigation.

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