IGI & The Lenzner Firm’s 2017 Rooftop Reception


On September 13, 2017, IGI and The Lenzner Firm held our annual rooftop reception. More than 100 of the firms’ clients, partners, and friends attended for an evening of conversation and celebration while taking in the spectacular view.

The reception and some of our guests were covered in Politico’s Playbook:

–Last night IGI and The Lenzner Firm hosted their annual rooftop reception.
SPOTTED: Kelly Collis, Brendan Sullivan, Tamera Luzzatto, Sally Bedell Smith, Amb. Jim Jones, Nan Aron, David Leiter, Erick Mullen, Richard Scott, James Crowell, Francis Creighton, Emily Lenzner, Mike Dorning, Matea Gold, Tom Hamburger, Roz Helderman, Puneet Talwar, Jason Gross, Chris Todd, Andrew Kline, Marti Thomas and of course Jon Lenzner.

Enjoy a selection of photos from the event in the gallery below.