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Anti-Corruption Due Diligence & Investigations

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For nearly 30 years, IGI has handled discreet fact-finding investigations in a variety of industries and countries throughout the world. IGI has experience investigating allegations of FCPA violations and providing compliance services and guidance to domestic and foreign corporations. Our investigations are supervised by former federal prosecutors, thereby providing clients with a first-rate investigative team with the perspectives of experienced litigators. IGI employs lawyers and investigators who bring both private and public sector experience investigating corruption and complex financial matters domestically and abroad.

In an era of global commerce, IGI is increasingly called upon by clients to conduct investigations that transcend national borders. Every country in which we operate presents unique challenges, because the availability of public records, the means by which they can be accessed, the scope of confidentiality and data protection laws and countless other factors can vary markedly from nation to nation. IGI’s international network of investigators, sources and affiliates affords our clients the advantage of on-site investigators who not only develop the required information but who also evaluate that information within the political, social and economic context of a particular country.

IGI’s unique model:

IGI offers sophisticated investigative services conducted under the supervision of trained and experienced litigators. Many of our clients, from Fortune 500 companies to foreign financial institutions, enjoy the benefits and privilege that flow from IGI’s attorney-supervised model. Our investigators assigned to FCPA and international matters include forensic accountants, former intelligence analysts, senior law enforcement personnel, and former federal prosecutors with experience investigating and prosecuting international financial crimes and public integrity cases. Approaching its thirtieth year in the business, IGI remains the preeminent investigative firm integrating legal expertise with complex fact-finding capabilities.

Case Studies: Anti-Corruption Due Diligence and Competitive Intelligence