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Competitive Intelligence

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IGI has developed extensive experience and expertise in helping corporate and individual clients to maintain and gain a competitive advantage in business, litigation, commercial and regulatory disputes, contests for corporate control, crisis communications and other adversarial situations.

Our firm applies proprietary methods and accesses confidential sources worldwide to collection actionable business intelligence on behalf of clients.  Multinational corporations entering new foreign markets or vying for major overseas contracts task IGI to survey the competitive landscape and advise on political and other risk factors.  Fortune 500 companies seeking to preserve or expand market share hire IGI to obtain information about their competitors’ strategic plans and product pipeline.  Hedge funds and other asset managers retain IGI to research existing or prospective portfolio companies and other investments.

In our experience, the best defense is a good offense.  We are experts in arming clients with the evidence and intelligence that they need to mount an effective offense.  Our investigators know how to find information on your adversary in a manner using investigative techniques that are not only effective but also ethical and legal. IGI has worked for numerous clients who have been targeted in campaigns waged by adverse parties attempting to damage the client company’s reputation, products or services. For example, current IGI investigators conducted competitive intelligence for a U.S. automaker to counter a Japanese rival that was orchestrating a campaign to denigrate our client’s flagship vehicle. This automaker and other corporate clients turned to IGI when reputations and profits were at stake, as described in the case studies.

The results of our investigations are used to benefit clients in a variety of settings, from litigation, hostile takeovers and commercial disputes to crisis communications, political campaigns and regulatory and legislative actions. Our core personnel have prior experience as litigators, accountants and media reporters as well as in law enforcement, business and public relations. Thus, we strive to give you information and results that will immediately add value to your dispute, because we have been in similar disputes and understand what you need.

Case Studies – Competitive & Business Intelligence