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Executive Background Investigations

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IGI’s gold standard due diligence practice provides clients with timely, critical information when they are contemplating new financial or business relationships with entities and individuals.  Applying the utmost discretion, we conduct a variety of domestic and international due diligence investigations, including of candidates for executive hire, corporate acquisitions and portfolio companies, investors and other parties with the potential to cause financial, legal or reputational harm.

IGI successfully helps private equity firms, venture capital firms, major colleges and universities, hedge funds, and executive search firms mitigate risk by investigating their prospective executive hires, whether for portfolio companies or their own firms, as well as entities and principals of new acquisitions. As expert fact-finders trained in uncovering the accurate and complete credentials, bona fides, reputations, backgrounds and track records of prospective partners and executive hires, our investigators know where to look for, and how to find, the potential vulnerabilities that often later haunt clients.  This vetting process includes verifying the accuracy of a party’s representations as to their experience and capabilities and to “red flag” potential undisclosed liabilities.

What sets IGI apart is our ability to match our investigative work to the specific issues our client is facing. Our legal, security, financial and business experience overlays our investigative experience and fact-finding skills to produce relevant, useful and cost-effective results. We identify and frame issues, plan our investigations, gather and analyze evidence and report investigative results, all in the context of our knowledge of what and how our findings can help our client succeed.

Case Studies – Executive Background Investigations