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Civil Litigation and Arbitration Support

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IGI works closely with inside and outside counsel to provide litigation support throughout all stages of a lawsuit or an arbitration: before a complaint is filed, during discovery and trial, in advance of settlement and on appeal. While our fundamental goal is always to uncover and present the client with the objective and unvarnished facts, we pursue that goal in adversarial contexts with an unmatched willingness to fight for our client’s objective.

Attorneys may call upon IGI to:

  • Profile proposed arbitrators or other ADR “neutrals”
  • Investigate parties to a dispute
  • Gather and confirm facts to be alleged in a complaint
  • Develop facts, either before formal discovery begins or outside the constraints of conventional discovery, to support a litigation strategy
  • Perform a pre-litigation asset search to evaluate the likelihood of collecting on a judgment, or locating assets and income that can be seized in satisfaction of a judgment
  • Identify, locate, interview and obtain sworn statements from potential witnesses
  • Collect evidence using proper procedures, protocols and chain of custody
  • Conduct a forensic accounting examination of financial records
  • Use computer forensics to, for example, restore deleted e-mails and computer files or to construct a minute-by-minute or keystroke-by-keystroke chronology of a person’s computer activity at a crucial time
  • Recommend documents to be requested in discovery or questions to be asked in deposition
  • Check backgrounds of adversarial expert or fact witnesses for issues that might be used to impeach their credibility or to show bias
  • Investigate apparent bias of arbitrators

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