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Political Research and Investigations

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IGI has been helping political candidates, committees and organizations win for more than 30 years. A pioneering practitioner of opposition and self-research, we have worked for a sitting U.S. President, candidates for the presidency, members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, state governors and attorneys general and other prominent political figures – including in foreign countries – to provide their campaigns with crucial information that has been credited with changing the course of elections.

In contrast to many political research firms, IGI has the expertise and experience needed to conduct the deeper and more nuanced research of individuals and entities that produces game-changing information. Our team includes accountants, lawyers, investigators, and former journalists, law enforcement, federal prosecutors and intelligence analysts. While no firm can always guarantee victory, our clients are guaranteed a significant competitive advantage that comes with the sophisticated skill set of our personnel.

The standard collection of news clippings, voting records and compilations of conventional wisdom, while insightful, is rarely the deciding difference in an election.  In contrast, we arm our clients with credible and actionable information that is typically born from thorough, focused and careful investigations that go beyond the initial level of research. We deliver clear and concise narratives that can be easily adapted for a variety of purposes, including polling, media strategy, debate preparation, lobbying and crisis situations.

Terry Lenzner, IGI’s Chairman, has worked for presidents of the United States, members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and governors as well as individual and corporate clients appearing before Congress.

Jonathan Lenzner, CEO, has worked for elected officials and political candidates for nearly two decades, including on presidential, congressional and statewide races. Now with IGI, Jonathan combines his more recent experience as a federal and Manhattan prosecutor with his expertise in political and crisis communications to assist our clients.

Douglas Graham, Managing Director, served as Vetting Advisor to the Office of Presidential Personnel where he helped manage the White House’s vetting operation for Presidential appointments. In this role, he participated in the vetting of President Barack Obama’s second term Cabinet appointments and advised the White House on the public policy and political implications of numerous appointments.

Prior to working in the White House, Graham consulted for successful mayoral, state legislative, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senatorial campaigns. Graham also spent four years working for the Democratic National Committee traveling the country researching Presidential candidates and advising state Democratic parties and campaigns on research and communication strategy. Graham also participated in rapid response and preparation for the Presidential debates of 2008.

IGI helps clients:

  • prepare for a political campaign or “test the waters”
  • with Self Research or due diligence
  • with opposition research
  • prepare for a congressional hearing, town hall or debate
  • with rapid response and war room activities
  • with research for lobbying campaigns
  • build and train research departments
  • with media monitoring and tracking
  • with candidate tracking and system management
  • with human intelligence gathering
  • vet Appointees
  • with vetting process management
  • with political intelligence gathering