What We Do


For 30 years IGI has vetted political candidates, individuals for Ivy League universities, hedge funds, private equity firms, and Fortune 100 companies. We also provide self-vetting to individuals seeking appointment to positions in the federal and state governments. We also have expertise in assisting individuals seeking appointment to executive branch positions in new federal and state administrations.

Before nominees for Presidential appointments can be publically announced they have to first pass transition team or White House Counsel Office vetting. IGI has unique understanding of this process and can assist nominees prepare for the onerous disclosures that are part of the vetting process. These disclosures include but are not limited to: The Questionnaire for National Security Positions that runs more than 100 pages, a detailed financial disclosure form for the Office of Government Ethics, Senate committee questionnaires, reviews of federal and state tax returns and an interviews with White House staff and the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Diplomatic Security.

Self-vetting allows aspiring appointees to address vulnerabilities, issues, or omissions in their financial, tax, professional or personal lives before they become obstacles to appointment or confirmation. In some cases, IGI can assist with strategic publicizing of vulnerabilities, on our client’s terms, that may help mitigate the vulnerabilities before nomination and confirmation hearings. Also, having assistance with document preparation and collection can help hasten a candidate’s announcement and eventual confirmation.

Our self-vetting practice is supervised by attorneys with our in-house law firm, The Lenzner Firm, P.C. Clients typically retain The Lenzner Firm, which in turn engages, directs and supervises IGI. Our unique model provides clients the significant advantage of conferring attorney-client privilege and confidentiality on our investigative work product and applicable communications. It also provides the perspective and quality control of litigators and federal prosecutors, who supervise our team of investigators.

IGI Managing Director, Douglas Graham, served as Vetting Advisor to the Office of Presidential Personnel where he helped manage the White House’s vetting operation for Presidential appointments. In this role, he participated in the vetting of President Barack Obama’s second term Cabinet appointments and advised the White House on the public policy and political implications of numerous appointments.