Our History & Founder

Our Experience

IGI brings nearly 30 years of institutional investigative knowledge to each new case, as well as perspective resulting from the combined experience of our investigators and senior management. Terry Lenzner, IGI’s Chairman, had a prominent career as an attorney in government and private practice prior to founding IGI. Tom Wendel, IGI’s president, has extensive forensic accounting experience gained from his time as a partner at a major accounting firm and other financial institutions. IGI’s investigative staff includes experienced lawyers, forensic accountants, banking and finance experts and former law enforcement officers.

At the core, we are expert fact-finders. Our ability to locate, obtain and analyze obscure public records, efficiently coupled with our strength in identifying and interviewing individuals with knowledge of the facts at issue in our investigation, set us apart from our competitors.

At the same time, we also pride ourselves in delivering a written product that weaves complex fact patterns into an analytical context in which they are best understood, rather than merely producing a compendium of facts without regard to their logic or nexus with the client’s objectives.

For examples of the types of cases we have investigated, please refer to What We Do.