Douglas Graham

Senior Managing Director

Douglas Graham, Senior Managing Director, joined IGI in January 2015 after serving for nearly three years at the White House. As the Vetting Advisor to the Office of Presidential Personnel, Graham helped manage the White House’s vetting operation for Presidential appointments. In this role, he participated in the vetting of President Barack Obama’s second term Cabinet appointments and advised the White House on the public policy and political implications of numerous appointments. Graham was also involved in vetting candidates for all federal agencies, including the Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Energy, Commerce, Justice and Treasury.

Prior to working in the White House, Graham spent nearly four years at the consulting firm New Partners. As a senior manager, he supervised research accounts and consulted for successful mayoral, state legislative, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senatorial campaigns. Graham was also involved in successful public and government relations campaigns on behalf of technology companies, a national sporting league, non-profits, and interest groups.

Before joining New Partners Consulting, Graham spent four years working for the Democratic National Committee traveling the country researching presidential candidates and advising state Democratic parties and campaigns on research and communication strategy. Graham also participated in rapid response and preparation for the Presidential debates of 2008.

At IGI, Graham has assisted corporate, institutional and individual clients in conducting internal investigations, opposition research, and competitive intelligence. With his unique government and private sector experiences, Graham has brought enhanced skills, knowledge and experience to vetting witnesses before trial, vetting potential employees, officers and board members for educational and corporate institutions, and conducting due diligence of candidate in preparation for political campaigns.

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Graham graduated from Kent State University in 2005 with a degree in Political Science.